Snowmobile Guided Tours

Ride the Divide!

Base Camp for the Continental Divide

Come enjoy the fun of riding through the back-country of the Rocky Mountains. Our snowmobiles can take you on the many trails of the area. Whether you are out to have an exhilarating or just a leisurely ride, All Season Adventures has the snowmobile for you and yours.

Marshall Pass Snowmobile Marshall Pass Snowmobile Cottonwood Pass Snowmobile

Snowmobile Guided Tour Rates

Continental Divide Tour

Single Rider2 Hour3 Hour
550cc   $110 $140
Double Rider2 Hour3 Hour
550cc   $150 $180

For Family and groups!!!!!

All machines are Polaris 550 RMK or Deluxe touring!!!

Age requirements: Must be 16 or older to drive your own machine and 4 years old to be a passenger.

Come enjoy the deep powder of the Rocky Mountains. Our snowmobiles can take you anywhere you want to go, from packed trails to powder-filled bowls.

Single riders - Polaris 550 RMK Snowmobile.

Double riders - Polaris 550 RMK Deluxe Touring Snowmobile.


All Prices Include:

  • Gas
  • Helmets
  • Safety & Operation instructions.

Tours run on Marshall Pass and Cottonwood Pass

Snowmobile Clothing Available:

  • Boots – Bibs – Gloves
  • Coats – Balaclavas
  • ONLY – $ 25 per Set

Departure Times:

2-hour and 3-hour rentals depart at:
9:00 am & 12:00 pm

Permitted by San Isabel National Forest.